Banner & Native Ads

Banner and native ads are two of the most popular ad forms in Iran. Our in-house banner ad platform has been developed to meet the requirements of Iran’s websites and provide the client with an independent and widely trusted platform to manage and audit media campaigns. We work with the largest network of media owners to meet all available targeting requirements.

Display Banners

The prices of display banners in Iran are typically based on the monthly rental of a fixed banner location on a website. Fixed banners are best for impression based campaigns. Banners targeted towards mobile devices usually have better click rates.

PPC And CPM Banners

Whether you have a campaign aiming for more impressions or clicks, our PPC and CPM bidding algorithms aim to optimize your ROI. Your target audience can be reached based on several targeting criteria, including device targeting, geo targeting and content category.

Native Advertising

Netbina Media works with the most prominent media in Iran that support native advertising. If the ad is a good match for the website and the campaign is configured carefully, the performance from such native placements can prove to be highly successful.

In App Ads

In-app ads are one of the most effective options to maximize clicks. We will choose the most optimum method for serving your in app ad. This can be via a rewarded ad, native ad, or display ad.