Social Media Ads

Social media advertising in Iran is primarily focussed on Instagram and Telegram; and for B2B businesses on LinkedIn. The social media ad tools offered by the platforms themselves are not fully available for Iran, and are in any case not always cost effective. Instead, we promote and advertise brands using alternative promotional tools on social media which achieve an optimum ROI for our clients.


With over 50 million Iranian users Telegram is one of the most favorite messaging apps in Iran.
At Netbina we partner with a comprehensive list of Telegram channels to target the most relevant audience for our clients. Telegram promotion can lead to millions of impressions for your brand and content.

Popular Instagram Pages

One of the major benefits of advertising on Instagram popular pages is that they allow your communication to reach a large audience rapidly. You can choose a certain category or just aim for mass communication via these pages. Netbina works with tried and tested Instagram accounts to successfully reach your desired Iranian target market.

Instagram Sponsored Ads

If you want to reach a wide range of audience for your business, Instagram is the perfect place to advertise. With enhanced demographic and geographic targeting tools, we can make sure that your content will reach the right audience.


The community of Iranian professionals on LinkedIn is very active and offers advertisers the chance to target business users easily. Combined with rich targeting options and engaging ad formats it has all the tools for generating high-quality leads.