Public Relation

At Netbina we know the media climate in Iran and have a long history of executing public relations campaigns and successfully managing PR crisis situations on behalf of various clients. Our PR team is innovative and makes use of popular social media platforms, online news websites, digital videos and twitter. Where necessary we also use traditional PR networks.

Press Release

We work with major online and offline newspapers and news agencies, and magazines to enhance our clients reach in either mass or niche media.

Round Table

Our focus group team has led numerous round table meetings at our facilities with both press and consumers on behalf of our clients. We take care of all logistics, live broadcast, and analysis.

Press Conference

With access to large conference areas and broadcasting/streaming tools, and a good working relationship with a network of journalists, we have hosted many press conferences for our clients both virtually and offline.

Online And Offline Events

Netbina has a successful track record of planning and executing offline and online events for major international brands. These events include new product roll-outs, live launch events with live interpretation, flagship store openings and in person store contests.

Social Media PR

Netbina has run numerous public relations campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and other major social media channels.