Influencers and Celebrities

Netbina has tremendous experience of working with Iranian influencers. We work in partnership with hundreds of influencers to help our clients achieve their communication KPIs.  These include Iranian celebrities, niche influencers and mass communicators covering a variety of audience segments. Our long established business relationship with Iranian influencers ensures a smooth marketing experience.

Influencer Platform

Our in-house influencer platform, specially designed for the Iranian market,  allows our experts to easily browse, monitor and select from thousands of influencers and celebrities to meet your marketing needs. We provide performance reports for all campaigns.

Celebrities & Influencers

We are proud to have worked and partnered with influencers of all industries. Our relationships with Iranian celebrities has helped us successfully run major campaigns for large international clients.

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Influencers’ Testimonials

Farzaneh Fasihi

For a professional athlete, advertising has to be professional as well – you can’t and won’t promote just any product. Netbina’s influencer marketing team work meticulously to choose the right influencer based on their respective audience, the brand and the product in question. For me, this is a very important factor. One of the things you easily notice when working with Netbina, is how they choose the right influencers for the job.

Motahareh Heidari

I’ve worked with Netbina on many projects. They’re professional, precise and stay with you every step of the way; which is why I’m always looking forward to collaborating with them. For a new product promotion, they provide us with a sample and hold workshops to familiarize us with the products’ features. So, when we’re promoting a new product, we have already tried it and believed in it.

Ramina Torabi
Fashion and Beauty

For an influencer, it’s crucial that everything is crystal clear when working with a company; it’s important that they have the chance to become acquainted with the brand and product before starting the project, and to know exactly what type of content they are expected to produce. With Netbina, everything has always worked out smoothly in all our projects without any worries or confusion.

Aria Keoxer

What counts for me in collaborating with ad agencies has always been transparency and professionalism. During the time I’ve known and worked with Netbina’s influencer marketing team, I have always been able to enjoy a smooth and professional experience.

Mahsa Ramezani
Brand Manager at Pril

What I find most remarkable about Netbina is their strategic thinking. One of the first things you notice is how they understand your concerns and respond exactly to your marketing brief.

Hamidreza Daryani
Digital Marketing Manager at Nestlé

Netbina’s proposals really stand out from the competition. They’re detailed, and contain everything a brand needs to see. Netbina invests the time and effort to look into every aspect and prepare a proposal that is thorough and distinctly better than proposals from other agencies.

Soudeh Habibollah

You have a professional team, you’re willing, and you have managed to create an environment that fosters a positive attitude. I really appreciate your dedication.

Mohammad Yousefi
Brand Manager at Vichy and La Roche-Posay

To Netbina, you’re more than a client. When you’re working together, Netbina is like a family you can count on, a family you can trust.