Video Marketing

The popularity of videos has surged amongst the Iranian audience and it is now part of almost every successful digital marketer’s strategy. At Netbina Media we create, localize and publish high quality videos on numerous channels based on the type of campaign and brand requirements. We serve millions of video impressions per month to targeted Iranian audiences on behalf of our clients.


The number of VOD users in Iran has skyrocketed over the last few years. We localize your video marketing campaigns and target your ads to appropriate channels on video sharing platforms. We provide monthly performance reports.


With more than 40 million viewers, Aparat is Iran’s local YouTube. We regularly use this platform to drive traffic to the digital assets of our clients.


Namasha is a video sharing platform with millions of viewers. We can display different formats of ads on Namasha, including pre-roll videos, pre-roll banners, overlay banners, fixed banners, and video boosters.


YouTube has its special place among Iranian viewers. We would recommend YouTube advertising for businesses seeking higher quality leads and viewers. We run campaigns on YouTube targeting Iranian viewers for our clients, if local media platforms are deemed to be more costly per lead.